Fashion Jobs CV Without Cliche Phrases – 10 Great Tips How to Get a Job and Writing a Resume!

How to obtain a desirable Design/Fashion Job

10 Great Tips

From Application to the Job interview

Before even thinking about applying for a job, boosting is essential.

First, don’t let the recession stop you, employers are always looking for talent so even though there might be a economic down period it might just be the best time to move ahead. Having fresh ideas and and ‘go get it attitude’ is perhaps just what the company your looking to apply for a job at needs right now. If you don’t have the precise skills don’t let that stop you, with an outgoing personality and a brave heart you’ll come far. Starting in retail is a great idea, this shows that you have worked physically in fashion and have a humble attitude, also that your willing to work your way up and that you know what the customers wants simply because you’ve seen it first hand.

So accept any entry in the business no matter which door you find to knock on! Its all good entries as long as you don’t accept getting stuck, having a years of experience working in a stock room at the same company perhaps ‘sorting’ cloths might not impress since it’s giving an idea of you not aspiring enough willing to stick around at a longer period. Have a gut sense when it comes to your own advancement.

Tip 1. Writing a CV that gets you in the door

The Application should be simply and clean presented, try to focus on the skills that are relevant for the job and don’t use to many job jumping experiences, it’s good to state that you are a person that stays with the company, the three latest jobs are often plenty enough to keep the CV short and and easy to read. State that further info can be briefed upon the interview rather than cramming in to much on the application.

The biggest tips, and often the most common mistakes done presenting yourself in the application is using cliche phrases like; “I have a passion for fashion”, “I dream, eat and sleep fashion” and “I was born to be in fashion” these ones will not just give off a signal that your desperate but also loose be a so called ‘killer’ instead of catching their interest. To get a better overview check out

Tip 2. Check the competition and check out the company you want to work for.

So, you have strike gold. They have called and now your booked for an interview, yes!. Well, you managed to get the foot in the door but please keep in mind that there is still competition for the job (and heaps tougher since it’s now just a few ‘hand-picked of the most wanted’, fighting over this position). You have to really blow them away when meeting them so a must is to do some research. Start with looking at their website and Google them, analyze how they work, what they stand for and what kind of product they really sell. If there is any PR or media write-ups and if they have a physical store make sure to visit it. In the store you can check out price points, products, target, market and quality. Even making an idea about the brand or the company to better have a feel where you yourself come in to the picture.

So, if you walk into the job-interview knowing a lot about the company you will not just impress them but it will surly make you seem more relaxed and confident. Make them feel like your ‘work-ready’, by knowing about their products, general about their company and their set-up and they will feel that you would be easy to have aboard and get started. But then again, rambling on about all the facts you have searched up on the Internet is not always excellent, you have to be prepared to feel the person that is interviewing you. Sometimes it’s stressed and brief and other times you will have heaps of time together talking about previous work history and hobbies. So take the pulse of the conversation and when needed blend in your ‘knows’ with a question,for example;

“I have seen that you offer a small ECO-line collection as a ‘natural news’, for spring, is that something that you will keep on betting on and expand?”Whatever you have noticed could be good to mention and a question like this could single-handed score you the job!

Tip 3. Fashion community is a close knit and not showing up for your interview is bad news!

So, you got the first interview and maybe already have another interview lined up, maybe at the same day and time?. A lot of excuses as being sick, not actually being interested in that job anymore or simply because of a change of heart,can come up but for whatever reason, you have to inform the company and the person that you where set to meet that you can’t make it. Be professional! You never know if you might need them for a service while working somewhere else or simply for the reason that companies in Fashion has a close knit and talk to each other. A ‘no show’ will create a bad vibe and it ‘s nothing you want hanging around for another job. If your unsure about the job I recommend you to go to the interview anyways, you never know, they might be a group of really cool people and instead of an exciting environment the offer the prospects of personal growth.

Tip 4. When sitting at the interview.

Now your there, at the big interview but feel that you didn’t hit the jackpot when it comes to the actual job that they wanted to fill. In other words the job your applying for is not the dream job of yours but its maybe at the company you like. Well put it this way, in Fashion community it’s a all about growing with the job and see to getting the promotion in the career direction where you want to go. Nobody starts as a boss. Don’t loose heart just because the job you really wanted is taken and you have to start for an assistant role. Its important to state at the interview that the job your now applying for is the job you really want, no employer will put you on that spot otherwise. If you then prove yourself this will by time commended by a promotion and you will grow, just be grateful to start somewhere, once again its all about getting the foot in the door.

Tip 5. Don’t kiss and tell!

Seated in front of you is perhaps your ‘future’ employer and its important not to reveal to much about the former company you worked for, don’t mention any financial numbers or the state of the company, this will show loyalty and the new employer will feel that your a safe bet. Nobody wants to have a ‘loose cannon’ on the board that might spill their guts when later on leaving the job. So, its okay to talk about the former job description that you had, the duties and the responsibilities but not about the sensitive state of the previous company.

Tip 6. Don’t ‘Down Talk’ your former company/job on the interview

When talking about your former company that you’ve worked for don’t reveal to much of the bad stuff. The old boss might have been a complete idiot and the people there treated you badly but please skip the ‘juicy’ details for the ‘new boss’ ears. Be prepared for the question; “So why did you leave your position at the former company you worked at?” Convert the answer from perhaps “I didn’t get along with my boss” to “I wanted a change of scenery and grow with some new challenges”. Keep the answers neutral and for your benefit. As once said, the Fashion community is a small place and you’ll never know, these two companies might have business deal together or just happen to be best friends.

This way you will come across as the ultimate fence setter and gain respect from your ‘perhaps’ new boss.

Tip 7. Dress for the job!

Wanting to work in fashion means dressing the part. You need to have some style and show that this is part of your passion (rather then writing it). So whatever the design company is don’t dress to casual. Well not to fancy either as I have experienced quite the opposite arriving at H&M wearing a Grey suit getting the comment; “Well this job doesn’t really suit you” making a remark on the ‘suit’ part. I had to quickly make a joke about it saying “I take this interview really serious”, a mild smile and soon the suit jacket was off.

So, stand out and wear something casually yet trendy to show that your up to date. For an interview with a surf clothing company don’t show up in board shorts but a pair of trendy jeans and a printed t-shirt, wear a suit jacket on top and mix casual with dressed to make it a bit formal but still showing a fun, creative and interesting side and approach. Going to a shoe company it’s a good idea to impress by wearing a pair of stunning new boots, this will tell that you have a genuine interest in their products and that your ready to fit in the group.

Tip 8. Down to the real deal!

Sitting in front of your ‘perhaps future’ employer its important to be honest and frank with any plans and perhaps religion holidays that you already have made, well whatever you have that might affect the ability to work certain hours or days. If you have any booked holiday or plans coming up make sure to tell them now. But don’t start demanding anything and be humble when your at the ‘getting to learn this person’ position. Stating with to many days off or demands might scare them off, its important to show them that your going to be available and dedicated to this new job of yours.

Tip 9. When you have the answers then have some questions!

Employers always want you to ask them some questions too, this will reflect your interest and intelligence. Even if you actually are pretty clear with the set up and the job in general act interested and maybe ask questions like; the company’s growth plan strategies, their philosophies regarding their employees and staff retention, their performance appraisal policies. This will certainly impress. But important is to keep up the act when you then later get the answers, eager listening and by keeping eye contact as if your now getting a longed for sought answer. Avoid questions without relevance or to trivial, save “what time is lunch” or “is there any free samples”.

Well, pretty much a good sense of ‘feeling’ the boss in front of you will do the job. If the interview is casual and feels friendly play along on that term as too many strict business questions and serious inquiries might portray you as ‘too good’ candidate and simply scare them off. Think like this; If you had a company, who would you like to work with? Someone might want a ‘best friend’ relationship around the office where social skills play a bigger part than the actual previous degrees and experiences.

Tip 10. You want the job, right?

Back to the cliché again, ‘I have a passion for fashion’. Once again, don’t write it just simply say it. It’s surprisingly few that doesn’t ask for the job or actually act as if they really want it. It’s no shame in being frank and excited about the available job, this might just show the employer how eager you are and that you will work hard and be a good asset to the company. When it comes down to it, they want to employ someone that wants it, right?

So when your having a great interview and you love the job on offer, be bold and ask for it! A good example of how is to simply say; “This is a great opportunity and if it was given to me I would gladly accept” or “This job is exactly what I am looking for and I would fit it perfectly!” Or “I feel so confident that I have the right skills for this job, I would love to join your company.” So be honest, sincere, calm and easy going and remember to be yourself and smile a lot. I’m not a big believer in the right ‘skills’ and always think that its all a combination of personality and team work, the necessary skills will come as you grow into the duties of the job.

Final tip and a conclusion summon in some thoughts.

Getting a high paying job with a big title is not always a reality. The best way to get that foot in the door is to start somewhere, act dedicated and eager to learn. What better than getting some real work experience of the business. This will increase your chances in further employment and also show that your up for it and in to it. It’s a popular business with high competition and don’t expect to be the only dreamer wanting to snatch the job available so start with low expectations and consider a ‘work experience’ program that allows you to join a fashion company for a few days a week or simply work part-time, take a job in the reception or be that ‘extra pair of hands’ all to have something on your CV. Earnings and positions will follow as you grow and learn..

This is not always easy since getting an intern for a Fashion Company might in some cases not be that wanted, it takes time to train someone to work and act right around the office and as time is often an issue in Fashion Companies this is good to know. So don’t be surprised if some calls isn’t received with the most gratitude even if your willing to work for free. Another tip, when calling around always ask for the ‘human resources department’ or the one in charge for the recruitment and have a clear idea of where you intend to start, department that is. At H&M for example there is heaps of divisions, for example; ladies underwear, L.O.G.G-division with one buyer working simply on Sports Wear and the other for skirt, dresses and shirts..

Finally, collect business cards, names and phone numbers. Having contacts and friends in the industry might come in handy in the future, don’t forget to talk about your aspirations and get the word out, then again without being a nag and too pushy. It will sort out as you go. Fashion is a fun and always moving business crowded with creative and colorful people well worth pursuing.

Good Luck!

Get A Creative Job That Makes Life Fun

There are all sorts of people in the world some fulfilling dream jobs and others just working to live. When you think about your day job do you sigh with satisfaction and think you’re the luckiest person alive? Or do you wonder if there really could be more to what you’ve got to offer. Maybe you’re not very academic and somehow you’ve fallen into a mundane office job or even working in a factory. If you have a flair for pursuing creative hobbies in your spare time maybe you should step out of your comfort zone and aim for a career that’s a little more you.

So where do you start? Well ultimately you have to think of the creative skill set you have to offer and where this will fit in the creative social sphere. The world is full of creative people who create new ideas and products every day – what will your part are in all of that. If you have a degree in the arts and sciences your expanse of wealth will also give you far greater success in gaining a job in the relevant fields. It is tough to achieve but once you’ve found a niche in the creative fields your knowledge and success will grow and grow.

People who have the most fun in life are those who don’t stick to the rulebook. That is why the creative industry is such an attractive one for those in it doesn’t have to stick to a set of abided rules. If you really wanted to you could run an ad agency in your back room without your boss breathing down your neck, be a photographer that takes amazing photos that fly all over the world or even create breathtaking dances that audiences flood to see.

Why Not Try Interior Design

By training in the field of art and design you can get the skills and expertise required to start as an interior designer. The job is widely varied and offers you great opportunity to practice your art in a wide space. Areas to show your expertise can include homes, office buildings, film sets, weddings, corporate events, health care environments, government buildings or theatres. With an average interior designer earning from $22000 to $40000 as a beginner it is an extremely lucrative career that lets you practice something you love. Designers can opt for either a more commercial design or something that is more ecofriendly, which fits in with the current fears about the greenhouse effect.

In fitting with the fears of carbon dioxide emissions on the environments many designers today need to be well researched in the integration and analysis of the creative process. With a chief focus on functional as well as attractive a designer needs to understand the basics of floor plans, patterns, construction codes, combinations, remodeling and more. Training is available in colleges, universities and trade schools.

Be the Next Versace

Have you ever seen a designer’s work and thought I can do that? If you are always drawing designs, have created sample patterns and clothing, and perhaps even created an exhibition for your work you should think of going into fashion designing. Like an interior designer it requires a lot of skill and knowledge about your chosen market. For example what a man might like certainly won’t be impressive in the female clothing market. Try to get as much exposure for your designs as possible through exhibiting your work at exhibitions, entering competitions, and getting work experience. With a trade as popular as fashion designing the best thing is to get some real training to perfect your skills and ideas. There are many schools/colleges and universities that offer fashion-designing courses, which also offer great steps into the industry. All good courses will offer work experience that is vital when going up against strong candidates who might have more experience then you. What are you waiting for? Get started now!

If you’re not so good at designing but love the idea of getting into fashion there’s always other careers that are more behind the scenes. If you simply love being around clothes you can always be a purchaser and merchandiser and stock the shops you love to browse. Perhaps you could even try your hand at dressing the mannequins in the window, which requires quite a lot of fashion awareness. Try contacting local shops/department stores for experience and if possible try to do a course that may give you experience in this.

Animate for a Living

There are many great artists out there and these extend to the big screen. If you’ve ever seen the Lion King, Toy Story trilogy or even a Bugs Life you’ve seen an animation that is full of millions of moving art works. It takes an artist to create an animation and that artist has to be as skilled as an artist painting masterpieces. For training you can create sketches in your spare time that make a story like a flipbook so when put together they’ll move like animation. You can purchase stop motion pro software and practice on clay models to create a story or simply just get your skills from a course.

You can study art and design in all major colleges/universities and special art schools and these will give you the vital skills to transfer expertise over to animation. Getting work experience will only better your chances of success and getting behind the scenes on major animation companies like Pixar. You will be under a lot of competition but if it’s really what you want and enjoy there is no contest.

Whether you want to work in interior design jobs, fashion jobs or animation jobs they are all very creative and offer great rewards but of course they’re not a step in the park. For success you need to be determined, reliable, willing to work for free and very ambitious. It may take a long time to get there but when you’re doing a creative job that you love you certainly won’t be looking back and saying what if.

Fashion and Design Jobs

If you are specialized in fashion, chances of you to get employed are very high. There are numerous design jobs around the world, even if it does not mean setting up your own clothing line. People who are expertise in fashion industry to be employed or get jobs as:

Head of Designer
Getting a position as a head or chief designer in a certain company is not hard. There are very many companies around the world searching for qualified designers to mentor and give special instructions in their organizations.

Fashion designers are usually very good in styling. They spend most of their time pairing the cloth they make with makeup, hair and accessories. This really helps them in progressing in their careers and can lead them into getting employed in various companies as stylist to give advices on how one can give complete a look.

This is as well in the category of fashion jobs. Fashion designers can also take jobs as consultants, by working intimately with related companies, to keep them aware of new styles and methods. This is one way they can earn money without even been permanently employed.

A fashion designer, who has knowledge in journalism, can be paid by a certain company to share his or her skills and advices as a style or editor for a printing or web magazine.

Owner of a boutique
Most newbie professionals prefer opening and managing their boutiques. This is another way of earning money through this career. They choose to design and sell their own clothes to local retailers or consumers. Other open fashion and design boutique to give other designers a chance to offer their clothes for selling or display.


When one is employed in clothing company as a fashion designer, or when that person opens his or her boutique, he or she is entitled to the following duties;


Fashion designers select marketing their own designs at fashion and trade shows. This is one method of advertisement and by doing so; many retailers place their orders on anything they want.

Choosing materials

Most designers pay visits to several fabric manufacturing companies or trade shows to decide and select the best fabric and patterns to use for making their preliminary designs out of them. While doing so, they note down all types of fabric they came across, and what is the best one to use for making a certain design.

Fashions and design jobs can only be helpful to a person who is good in draping, pattern making, have fashion and design experience and able to find the best geographical sites, to sell their designs. Those are just some few requirements for any person who is planning to get entry to any fashion and design Company but they are just a few but to mention.